The Return of the Crystalline Light Bodies, Yours and Mother Earth’s

A Spiritual Intuitives Dialogue and Messages of Channeled Teachings from RA & ISIS and Other Master Teachers Shared in Love

We are Always changing. Hopefully growing and learning as we change. Change is part of life.” Sometimes change is not so easy. Other times, in such a way you didn’t notice until afterward. This book is a helpful, clear and simple way to keep yourself balanced and aligned with your Higher Divine Beings as you go through this journey we call Life. 

What a Sweet Testimonial: YES! Your words touched my heart! I already knew that much love towards myself was needed...but it was just a thought, now I realize that this is what I have to do first! And yes, again, it's few months that I don't address to my Guides, and I was feeling the lack of those "meetings", but for several reasons I did not. It's now a must for me to do again my daily meditations, asking to my Guides to guide me. It's a big pleasure to express to you my gratitude for what you have done and to give thanks to your Guides too. Light and Love to you, Antonella M.